She Quit Her 9 - 5!

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

The New Year is bringing so many changes to Studio17, the first being my amazing partner and wife is now officially a full time employee :)

It's Been a Long Time Coming

Throughout the first years of Studio17 I took it upon myself to run the day-day operations, while Meagan helped bring in more money as our business grew. Now as you can imagine this was a hard task, while also being the artist/tattooer/piercer, educator/father to our son Ami. It's a good thing I'm not a B*%cH, and I know how to knuckle down and grew the business to be quite a success (with still what help she could provide of course 😉). In the mean time this still proved to be stressful and created a strain on our personal relationship and business.

But now that is all over! With much courage, Meagan took the leap of faith with me and quit her job just in time to bring in a New Year. As hard as this was for her to do, our whole family instantly became happier and full of optimism. We've both always dreamed of having our freedom to be together as a family as much as we can. Working together, traveling together and just doing fun stuff. Our dreams are manifesting within light speed as we plan and work together in harmony.

What's To Come

What does this mean for Studio17? Everything points to BETTER. More management, more efficiency, more business, more fun. We're gonna finally get our sh*t together ya'll. Great changes and upgrades to coming into the studio. We'll be adding new merchandise so check out what's to come in store and on our website gift shop. We'll be updating our pricing & booking procedures soon. Now you'll just be a few clicks from getting everything you need from new merch to booking an appointment.

Thank you to all our amazing and loyal customers for believing in our dream and movement. Thanks for putting up with our little hiccups here and there, while we've been figuring all this out along the way. We are forever grateful for ALL our clients throughout the years that have help make Studio17 a grow and become a success.

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